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Biggest Mistake Swimmers are making...A must see before Nationals this week!

Did you know swimming can burn 400-800 calories per hour!!

Swimmers are spending hours in the pool training each week, plus dry land training but often are not thinking about how to fuel their bodies to complete the sessions optimally, let alone recover for the next sessions.

Food intake and hydration are imperative to seeing results.

We chat to Angelo, head coach (who has supported local swim clubs all the way up to the Australian teams). We briefly cover:

  • What the biggest mistake that swimmers are making

  • What is the difference between a good and a GREAT swimmer

  • How important specific dry land training is

  • Angelo's personal achievements

  • What happens in the pool if you under fuel

  • What the most difficult stroke is + more.

Check it out below.

If you need help with your swimming nutrition of performance nutrition please book in a free consult via our website

Julia Higgs

Accredited Sports Nutritionist and Gym Owner.


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