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Skin Health & Nutrition


Skin, we all have it... but what causes skin to react, wound and repair? 

You have heard the term “you are what you eat” but how much of that is actually true? 


The skin is the largest organ in our body, it has multiple layers and complexities which provide a protective barrier that retains essential body fluids, guards against invasion by harmful microbes, and regulates body temperature through the ability to sweat. Our diet is the main way for the body to obtain energy and nutrients and studies have shown that suboptimal nutrition can alter our immune function which can affect our skin health.   


Nutrition plays a variable role in the wound healing process and our nutrition can impact the irritation / inflammation of our skin.  


The photo on the left, is of a client of mine, who came to me with body composition goals (weight-loss), whilst working together I mentioned we could implement a few things to assist with the skin irritation.

My client had quite an angry red rash that covered her legs, chest, stomach and back. The first few steps we took were elimination highly processed foods and alcohol which assisted in clearing her skin.  


It did not take long for the implemented changes to show results and for skin quality to return to a healthy state.


It is pretty broad knowledge that vitamin and mineral intake contribute to healthy skin. Normal healthy skin has high concentration of vitamin C, which promotes stimulating collagen synthesis and assisting in antioxidant protection against UV-induced photodamage! 

Nutritional benefits are never ending! Follow along for more Nutrition Advice, information and guides!


Founder, Accredited Sports Nutritionist.




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