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Open Water Swimming Nutrition - All you need to know!

With the Australian National Open Water Championships a week away  make sure you plan your nutrition and avoid any pitfalls for feeding.  


  1. Maximise Taper : Training nutrition, recovery, carbohydrate loading and hydration 

  2. Practice feedingwhat, when, how (practice missing a feed too!)  

  3. Have a feeding strategy (remember to stay horizontal and consider how to identify feeder, this could be a bright cup, bright clothes, etc.!



Pre race: 

  1. Carb load the night before and hydrate 

  2. Eat high carb meal 90-120 mins before race 

  3. Snack on starchy low fibre foods

  4. Sip on electrolyte drinks  

  5. Consider race environment (thermoregulation strategies)  


During Race: 

5km race sub 1hr (feeding not essential) 


7.5km and 10 km Feed 30-90g/hour of multi-transportable carbs  

10km supplements: consider caffeine 3mg/kg one hour before PLUS final  leg and or/ beta alanine to enhance peak power in final sprint  


Practical tips: 

Feeding strategy for 7.5km next week is 65g multi transportable carbohydrates per 200ml and electrolytes 


Post Race: 

50-100g carbs in liquid form to help hydration, include electrolyte drink (300-600ml sodium) plus 20-40g protein to facilitate the recovery process. 

Fun Fact: When Temperatures exceed 30 degrees, ingesting ice slushies 30 mins prior have been shown to reduce core temperature and improve performance! Who doesn't love a good ice slushie!

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Founder, Accredited Sports Nutritionist.





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